Benefits of Educational Blogging Video

The benefits of educational blogging is something I have discussed many times on this blog.

Kelly Jordan and I regularly speak to teachers at our school and around the world about blogging. Rather than us always selling the benefits we decided to make this video with our students to highlight some of the advantages of having a class blog.

The video goes for 15 minutes. We hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Can’t wait for Monday’s Skype session to have Kathleen and Kelly share their blogging experiences to encourage teachers at my school. The 4-6 teachers were totally inspired. This time it’s for P-3 and we’re excited!

    1. Miss Kelly Jordan says: Reply

      @ Edna,

      I thought I’d reply as Kath always has a lot of comments to reply to! 🙂

      Looking back at this video is pretty special for Kath and me. To think our seven and eight year old students knew nothing about blogging at the start of the year, we’re so proud of their progress! Our kids have such a love of learning and a passion for blogging and connecting with others. We love it! 🙂

      We’re also looking forward to the Skype session on Monday. It’s great to be able to share our experiences and tips with your staff and we love to help others get starting with their own blogging journey!

      See you Monday,

  2. @ Mrs Morris,

    Great post.

    I loved the video.

    I liked all the other kids why I love blogging pieces of writing.

    Great post again.

    See you tommorrow at school,

    1. Mrs Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      @ Hannah,

      How nice of you to comment on my blog.

      Thank you for your help with this video. You did a great job and I’m happy to share it with other teachers!

      See you tomorrow,
      Mrs Morris

      1. @ Mrs Morris,

        Thankyou for replying back to me.

        I was fun when we filmed each other in the video.

        Best Wishes,

  3. Wow – what a fantastic and inspiring video. Next year I’m hoping to coax a few more classes into blogging (and even my prep colleagues into using their blogs more!), so I think I’ll be saving this to share with them! Thanks for being such a great inspiration!


    1. Mrs Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      @ Stef,

      Thanks! We love spreading the word about blogging!


  4. Great use of text and particularly music. I liked the opinions of members of the class.

    As far as educational advantages goes, the video will undoubtedly help convince others of the advantages of blogging across the curriculum. With viewers now into five digit numbers and on the way to 6 digit numbers, the very existence of the blog is extending the class’s mathematical skills.

    The world map of visitors clearly shows the spread of viewers and can lead to geographical discoveries. With blogging buddies around the world, the children can discover cultural differences.

    For those viewing this post, try and you’ll be sold on the idea as you see your class’s eyes light up as comments come in from around the world or, as in my case, not too far from home across the border. 🙂

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

    1. Mrs Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      @ Ross,

      As always, thanks for your support! You’re right – the students’ eyes light up when we receive comments from anyone. The amount of learning the students get through blogging is simply priceless.

      We’re glad to have you in our blogging community!


  5. Dear Kathleen,
    I’m so glad to see this video get tweeted again today! I’m currently developing a 4 part classes for classroom teacher and/or librarians on the benefits of blogging and how to get started!
    This video will certainly be a great testiment to the value of blogging. May I show it to my group when the class happens please?
    Keep up the great work! You and Jordan are pioneers and fabulous role models for us all!
    Julie Hembree

    1. Mrs Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      @ Julie,

      Thanks so much for your kind words! Yes definitely show the video to anyone.


  6. Carole King ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ and you are.
    Thank you.

    I would like to embed this video in a backwater of my blog for reference, obviously I’ll give the link and credit. Would that be ok?

    Mr E

    1. Mrs Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      @ Mr E,

      Definitely! That would be great. Thanks for your support 🙂


  7. Dear Mrs Morris,

    I really love your blog.

    Your are a great teacher.

    From your student,

    1. Mrs Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      @ Ava,

      Great to hear from you. I hope you enjoyed seeing yourself in the video again.

      Enjoy your weekend!

      Your teacher,
      Mrs Morris

      1. Dear Mrs Morris,

        Sorry I didn’t reply sooner.

        Yes I did.

        From your student,

  8. Dear Kathleen,
    Thank you so much for your video, I love the way it highlights how blogging can benefit every key learning area! I am currently working on my personal learning network for a uni assignment and the main focus is integrating I.T. into English lessons. Would it be OK to add your video to my blog? Thank you also for the huge range of information your blog and the 2KM&2KJ blog has shared. After a 2 year break from teaching you and your students have inspired me to REALLY want to get back into the classroom and be involved in using technology across the curriculum.
    Thanks again,

    1. Mrs Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      @ Kelly,

      Thanks so much for your kind words! You can definitely use the video in your blog – that would be great.

      I can understand you must be really keen to get back in the classroom – I don’t know what I’d do with all my ideas if I didn’t have students to try them on 🙂

      Good luck,

  9. @ Mrs Morris,

    Hi it is Mikayla for your class at school.

    I like your blog post and blog.

    I like your slideshow that you made for techer that wont to blog.

    I like you as my techer.You teched my brother two times grade 2 and grade 3 and now your teching me.I wonted you after Riley tolde me you you were a good techer.

    I like your blog post and blog again.

    Your sturdent,

    1. Mrs Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      @ Mikayla,

      Thanks for your kind comment! You are a great student.

      See you at school.

      Your teacher,
      Mrs Morris

      1. @ Mrs Morris,

        Thank you for repling to me Mrs Morris.

        Thank you for saying my comment was kind.

        Thank you for sayinng I was a graet student.

        Thank you for repling to me again Mrs Morris.

        Your student,

  10. Dear Kathleen,

    Thank you for such an inspiring video. I am just starting student blogs with my Grade 2 students and I found your video very helpful. So many benefits to blogging and in such an authentic way.

    I really like the end with the before and after shots. So much progress and such great comments. The students obviously have a love for learning and technology too!

    I will share this video with my students tomorrow in our first blogging club session.

    Thank you


    1. Mrs Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      @ Jodi,

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I wish you all the best with your blogging club. I hope the students enjoy hearing from others their own age and I bet they’ll love blogging!

      Good luck,

  11. This is a very inspiring video. I like everything in the content, please keep it up and more power to you.

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  14. Dear Kathleen,

    WOW! What an inspirational video. I was directed to your blog posts by @soingirl from Canada. I have been commenting on her classroom blog and we are hoping to do some collaborative projects. Our elementary school teachers started classroom blogs this year but they are all password protected. I have part of a meeting this coming week to discuss opening them up. I have gotten a lot of ideas from several of your blog postings and want to share this video with the other teachers so they too can see the value. I know one of my frustrations this years with my grade 2 writers is there is no carryover or consistent growth. I do believe with an authentic audience there would be a higher motivation for better writing. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts and to show my students what your students have done.
    Thank you for being a leader of technology in education.

    1. Mrs Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      Dear Jean,

      I’m so glad to hear that you’re finding my posts useful! How frustrating that you don’t have an authentic audience for your students. There is a lot of unnecessary fear out there and hopefully when you focus on all the positives you’ll be able to influence others at your school.

      I know you’ll enjoy working with @soingirl as much as I have in the past.

      Good luck and I look forward to staying in touch on Twitter.


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  17. Hi Kathleen, I have a tear in my eye after watching this video and knowing your students. What a privilege it was for me to work with you for a short period of time! I am now getting my own class blog up and running and would like to be able to show this video to my parents – would that be OK?

    1. Mrs Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      Hi Sharon,

      How great to hear from you! I’m so glad you liked the video and would love you to show the parents. It’s terrific to hear that you’re starting your own class blog. I’m sure you and your students will get a lot out of it.

      Good luck!

  18. Hello,
    I enjoyed watching your video. Just beginning the process of possibly starting a class blog. I personally do not do any blogging so it will be new for me and my students.

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