Using Blogs to Find Classroom Resources

When you are looking for sites and resources to use in your classroom, you have a few options. You can try search engines such as Google however this can be like looking for a needle in a haystack at times! NB click here to view a one page “cheat sheet” of tips for making searching easier with Google.

I have found delicious a good way to find educational sites as people have tagged ones they like so, in a sense, they are “tried and tested”.

I find a large number of my classroom resources through reading educational blogs. I use the feed reader Google Reader to keep up to date with posts. To find out more about feed readers and RSS, click here.

Here are some of my favourite blogs to help find information and reviews on sites to use in the classroom. Leave a comment if you have any more favourites!

iLearn Technology – this is a fantastic blog by US teacher Kelly Tenkely. She has regular updates on her blogs and I have found many excellent sites through her posts!


Technology Tidbits – this is a great blog by David Kapuler in the United States. He regularly posts reviews of different sites. He also has some great blog companions to the world of Web 2.0 which I’ve written a post on previously.

Technology Tidbits

Free Technology for Teachers – this is a site by Richard Byrne with the purpose of sharing information about free resources that teachers can use in their classroom. It’s regularly updated and each site has suggestions of applications in education.

Free Tech for Teachers

Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day – this popular site is updated daily. Larry Ferlazzo is an ESL teacher from the US. His blog reviews an extremely wide range of online resources most of which can be used with non ESL students. Larry Ferlazzo doesn’t miss much in the world of Education Technology so his blog is a great place to find resources!

Larry Ferlazzo

2 Replies to “Using Blogs to Find Classroom Resources”

  1. Larry Ferlazzo says: Reply

    Thanks for including me in such great company!


  2. Larry is being to modest, it is I who is very humbled to be mentioned w/ him. He has set the standard for innovative blogging, I’m just happy to help teachers/educators use technology w/ education.

    That being said I’m new to following this blog but am a subscriber, and find it to be very well written, an excellent polished look, w/ some great organization!!

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