Great Overview of Web 2.0 Tools

David Kapuler, who writes the blog Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber Hero¬†has created this excellent “blog companion” which is an overview of educational Web 2.0 tools. It’s well worth a look for all teachers and educational bloggers.

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  1. Hi Kathleen, thanks a lot for super kind words. I’m so glad you found these resources useful, that’s the reason I review and compile them together for others to use in education.

    Here is a link to all 5 companions now, I might do some more, but have moved on to another “wild” idea of mine, which I hope to incorporate other excellent tech educators such as yourself.

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for checking out my blog. The companions have been so useful! Love to hear more about your wild idea!

  2. It should be starting up today, think of it as a Spin-Off of Inside the Actors Studio but for technology educators.

    I can send you a link w/ more info, do u have a email contact I can use? Otherwise, u can reach me here if you are interested… david.kapule[email protected]

  3. Sounds interesting but I’m not too sure what Inside the Actors Studio is! ūüôā
    My email is [email protected]

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