Virtual Sticky Notes as a Thinking Tool

This week Andrew Douch published a post about Wallwisher; a site for posting “sticky notes” online. Wallwisher is an online notice board maker that people can work on collaboratively.

Wallwisher is very easy to use. You just click and drag sticky notes and can easily link to websites, pictures or videos on the web. Repositioning notes on the wall allows you to categorise notes.

Andrew Douch used Wallwisher with his high school students as a tool for generating thoughts on a topic they were getting ready to study.

This week I decided to start a Wallwisher page with my Grade Two students as a way for them to reflect on what they had learnt about dinosaurs this term. We have been working together on our wall on the IWB. This is what we’ve come up with so far (click on the pic to go to the wall) …. 


Stixy is a similar site to Wallwisher. I think these sorts of sites could have many uses in the classroom as a thinking tool. Students can generate ideas or questions, plan, catergorise thoughts, brainstorm and reflect on their learning. Let’s know if you have any other ideas for their use!

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  1. it is good

  2. Thanks for posting an example of what you’ve done with your class. The more samples I see the more I can see how this can be used by my elem. teachers. I like that there’s a moderation option for Wallwisher. I can see enabling that, and then using it as a center activity, or even homework, for students to write about a connection made to literature read in class that day.

  3. Good idea Ann. I also love seeing examples of how these tools can be used with primary classes. I’m just checking out Bits ‘n Bytes….looks great! Thanks!

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