ClassroomScreen: A Useful Tool You Can Use Tomorrow!

I recently came across and couldn’t resist sharing it.

Many teachers’ tech toolkits are bursting at the seams and sometimes it can be a good idea to use a few tools well, rather than jump on every new resource.

However, it’s hard to resist a useful tool to help organise your classroom and provide structure for students.

Some resources require a bit of thought and exploration to figure out how they could be implemented in your classroom. Not ClassroomScreen.

It’s free.

It’s simple.

It’s useful.

No matter what you teach, as long as you have a projector, interactive whiteboard or television in your classroom, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a use for this.

What is ClassroomScreen?

It is simply a website that is a one-stop-shop with useful widgets you can use while teaching or while students are working.

What Can You Do With The Widgets?

  • type your instructions in the textbox
  • choose a work symbol to show preferred noise level
  • set a timer or show the clock
  • use the traffic light to indicate progress
  • pick a random name
  • use a calculator
  • draw in-screen or full-screen
  • generate a QR code for children to scan
  • drag and drop the icons and change backgrounds


Want to see it in action? Check out this short YouTube video.

Do you think you could use this tool?

What resources have been useful in your classroom lately?

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ClassroomScreen Review Kathleen Morris | A useful tool your can use in your classroom tomorrow

6 Comment

  1. Tama Trotti says: Reply

    What an ingenious idea! thank you! Loading it up right now.
    Tama Trotti

    1. Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      Hi Tama,

      I’m so glad you like it too. I couldn’t resist sharing when I saw how simple and useful it is. Hope it works well in your classroom!


  2. Yolande says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing! What a great way to leave instructions / morning work for students to complete.

    1. Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      Hi Yolande,

      Great to hear this tool is something you could use too. Such a time saver to be able to put information up without having to go over it repeatedly etc!


  3. Melanie Ruiz says: Reply

    Great share Kathleen! What a handy tool. I can not only see classroom teachers finding it useful, but instructional coaches and administrators too. Seems like a fun tool to use at workshops and staff meetings too. 🙂

    1. Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      You’re so right! I hadn’t thought about the possibilities of this tool being used at meetings and workshops. Great idea! I imagine having the timer could be especially useful at some staff meetings 😉

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