My Ultimate Guide To Teaching Online Due To School Closures

Last week I published a comprehensive guide to teaching online due to school closures on The Edublogger. There's something for everyone whether you're just planning for school closures or are in the midst of teaching online.

The COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic is affecting the world in unprecedented ways. And the whole situation continues to change rapidly and exponentially.

I’ve been following this topic very closely for a number of reasons. As you may know, I have a 6 year old daughter in the middle of treatment for leukaemia so we are extra vigilant about infections.

I’ve also been following the impact on schools around the world closely. I’ve always enjoyed collaborating with other educators around the globe. The way the education community is coming together during this difficult time is nothing short of inspiring.

While a record number of students are not attending school right now in an attempt to control the spread of COVID-19, other schools that are still open are scrambling to prepare for possible closures.

You might be wondering how on earth do you get started with online teaching and learning?

Last week I published a comprehensive guide to teaching online due to school closures.

You can read the post on The Edublogger.

You’ll get ideas on:

🌏 Options for structuring the school day
🌏 Planning an online lesson
🌏 Setting up a virtual home base or online platform
🌏 All about using videos and conferencing in online learning
🌏 Free online tools for virtual learning
🌏 10 tips for virtual teaching and learning
🌏 Obstacles and issues created by school closures
🌏 A parent survey you can use/adapt to plan for a school closure
🌏 A checklist for schools facing a closure

The post includes a range of useful graphics to help you that you’re free to use and share. Here’s a summary of some.

Resources for teaching online due to school closures Kathleen Morris

Please check out the post and leave a comment if you have any other tips or experiences. And please take care during this challenging time!

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  1. Madison says: Reply

    These are great resources! I love that you included both online and offline resources. I know many of my students’ parents were concerned about their kids spending too much time online during this time off.

    1. Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      Hi Madison,
      So glad it’s helpful! Getting that mix of online and offline right is so important! Such a tricky time for everyone. Good luck!

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