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  • Typing Tips: The How and Why of Teaching Students Keyboarding Skills

    How to teach typing keyboarding tips | Kathleen Morris Primary Tech

    I believe the ability to type with reasonable speed and accuracy helps students to better cope with the digital world they live in. This post discusses the teaching of both handwriting and typing. I share four of the best free online resources for teaching keyboarding. Check out the comparison table for a quick overview of what these sites offer!

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  • PowerPoint: Dead or Alive?

    Since Microsoft PowerPoint was released in 1990, it has been a key tool in many classroom ICT programs and businesses. There seems to be a reoccurring theme in social media that “PowerPoint is dead”. PowerPoint has been the butt of many jokes including this infographic by SlideRocket. Wikipedia outlines a history of the “death by PowerPoint” criticism, […]

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  • Online Maths Activities

    We had a numeracy curriculum day at my school today and I was asked to present a workshop on online maths sites. The audience was diverse with teachers from all grade levels as well as CRTs (casual replacement teachers) and student teachers. I began by giving a few tips for using online maths sites. 1. […]