New Teacher Blog: Guiding Digital Nomads

I first met Aine Murphy (@ainetmurphy) when she was completing teaching rounds at my school in 2010. We bonded over a common interest in technologies, blogging and global collaboration.

Aine taught in Ireland for ten years before moving to Australia and retraining at Deakin University. She is now teaching Grade Three/Four at Point Lonsdale Primary School having previously taught Spanish.

Last year, Aine and I taught post-grad education students at Deakin University and together we injected some new ideas and tools into the curriculum.

Aine has recently started a new blog called Guiding Digital Nomads: The Wanderings of a Teacher in the 21st Century

I recommend subscribing to Aine’s blog as I’m sure her posts will be full of new ideas and excellent reflections.

Aine also recently started a new blog for her Grade Three and Four students and is looking for other blogging classes to collaborate with. Contact her via either blog or Twitter if you’re keen!

Why not head over to Guiding Digital Nomads now and introduce yourself?

5 Replies to “New Teacher Blog: Guiding Digital Nomads”

  1. Ahh you are such a star Kathleen!

    Thanks so much! You make me sound very professional indeed:) I have you to thank for much of the inspiration and I hope my blog can provide a small bit. Already working on my next post…

    Chat soon

  2. Hi Kathleen and Ann!
    Wow, I’ve been looking around at all your amazing blogs and fabulous information for quite a while now! I’m so happy I came across your site on the web! I am in awe of all you have accomplished! I love technology and find it so very exciting! I am trying lots of new things out this year with my grade two students and try hard to overcome the frustrations, the biggest one probably being lack of excitement and enthusiasm from others. I sometimes feel like I have my students excited, but then I get disappointed that the only engagement they have is with me at school. I’m working on getting parents more involved and unfortunately I don’t have any colleagues that share my excitement with technology. However, it is just all sooooo cool, that I keep going and look for new things all the time! I would be interested in any kind of collaboration! We blog and Skype!
    Enjoying all you have here!

  3. Hi Deborah,

    Kathleen is a fantastic inspiration to us all! I use all her resources and newsletters all the time as well!

    Both Kathleen and I know how it feels to be disappointed with the support you get for blogging. Hopefully things will be changing soon, Education has to shift one way or another. So we are obvisouly hoping it will shift towards technology.

    It is great to have blogs and twitter to connect with like minded teachers around the world, so keep posting on blogs and join twitter if you haven’t. Kathleen has a great post about it here.

    Where are you based? Our class blog is if you want to get in touch.

    Keep the good technology vibes rolling!

  4. Shannan Elphick says: Reply

    Dear Kathleen,
    I am a teacher in queensland. Have been out of the game for five years, whilst starting a family. I now have two beautiful daughters, and am preparing to go back to work when they start school. I am also studying my Masters of Education (Teacher-Librarian). One of my first subjects is Cyber Learning, which is somewhat of a mystery to me. Thankfully I found your website. It has been an inspiration to me as both a student, parent and teacher. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work for the benefit of many. I will be letting all my teaching friends know about your blog and the amazing things you have been doing with technology. Thank you

    1. Mrs Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      Hi Shannan,

      You must be very busy with your daughters and your study. I’m so glad to hear that you are finding my blog useful!

      Thanks for spreading the word and I hope to hear from you again.

      Good luck with your Masters and return to education!


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