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Since the beginning of 2010, I have been  collaborating with a fellow teacher, Simon Collier on a free weekly e-mail for teachers.

With our 20th newsletter milestone approaching, this post is a reminder if you or someone you know has not yet signed up for the newsletters.

Each week our email newsletter features a useful online tool or website for teachers to use in their classroom.

The purpose of the email is to publicise and promote the use of ICT tools and web links to teachers who are not regularly sourcing the available information on the net.  This in turn, hopefully increasing the use of the wonderful education tools available online.

The newsletter is suitable for both primary and secondary teachers and provides practical examples of how the tool or website could be integrated into the classroom curriculum.

To access the previous newsletter, click here to visit the Tech Tools for Teachers page on my blog.


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What topic would you like us to write a Tech Tools for Teachers newsletter on?

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  1. Keep up all the great work Kathleen and Simon!

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