Tech Tools for Teachers # 6 – Word Magnets

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This week we review the site Word Magnets.

word magnets

Word magnets is a tool that allows you to paste in some text and then change the text into word tiles like fridge magnets that you can drag and rearrange.

There are background proformas you can use to arrange the magnets, like Venn diagrams, tables, A-Z, numeric lists etc.

We like Word Magnets because it:

  • is free (Note: there is also a paid version of this tool available called Word Magnets 2.0. You are shown the ad for it when you first enter the Word Magnets site.)
  • is suitable for all year levels
  • has a range of uses
  • is quick and easy to use (no preparation required)
  • is great for thinking skills and all subject areas
  • is a form of assessment


  1. Go to and press “next”
  2. Type in the words you want to turn into magnets and press “next” (if you want to type in your words later, you can just leave the box blank and press “next”).
  3. Choose the background you want to use and press “next.”
  4. Drag your magnets to where you want them.
  5. You can add magnets by typing them in up the top and then pressing the + sign.
  6. You can change the colour of a magnet by clicking on the colour and then clicking on the magnet.
  7. You can delete a magnet by clicking on “remove” and then clicking on the magnet you want to delete.
  8. Use the up and down arrows to increase or decerease the size of the magnets.
  9. You cannot save your Word Magnet but you can take a screen shot of it using the “Snipping Tool” in Windows 7 or by pressing “Prtsc” key and pasting in MS Paint in other versions of Window.


Kathleen has used Word Magnets with her Grade Twos as a sorting activity. The students simply brainstormed uses for the sea and then sorted these ideas into “fun” and “work”.

sea word magnets

In the above activity the students came up with the words. Another activity Kathleen’s Grade Twos completed involved the teacher coming up with the words. For a food A-Z brainstorm, Kathleen created word magnets of foods with the first letter missing. The students had to drag them to the correct letter.

Word Magnets has many other uses in the classroom such as…

  • type in a sentence or copy a paragraph of text and have the students arrange the words into the correct order
  • type in a sentence and then have students create extra word magnents to extend the sentence
  • colour code the nouns, adjectives, verbs etc in sentences
  • sort ideas about any topics into a Venn diagram
  • create a flow chart or mind map about a certain topic or idea
  • create a family tree
  • make all sorts of lists or comparisons!

Have a go at using Word Magnets with your class!  Let us know how you went by leaving a comment.

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  2. I love this resource! We use it for phonics word sorts, math vocabulary sorts, sentence building, etc. It is great with the interactive whiteboard!

  3. Love, Love, Love Word Magnets! I only wish I had used something like this a few years ago when I did my students did word sorts using laminated word strips and painter’s tape 🙂

  4. This is a resource that I have used often., the children love it on the blackboard. We use it as a sentence writing activity. We have lots of different adjectives that we use to make our sentences change.

  5. Rosie MacAlpine says: Reply

    Unfortunately this is no longer a free resource – the only option now is paid. Can’t really blame them as it’s a great product. But I will miss it!

    1. Hi Rosie, the free version is still available here
      Just wait for the next icon to come up and off you go 🙂

  6. Rosie MacAlpine says: Reply

    Oh, fantastic! I must have an old link – it took me to the main page which didn’t offer the free option. Phew, I can show teachers this one after all!

  7. does anyone know if the paid version allows you to save your word magnets

    1. @ Daphne, I’ll ask them on Twitter for you and let you know if I get an answer! 🙂

    2. @ Daphne, Triptico said … Yes, you can save your word magnets – as shown in the 2nd vid here:

      Hope that helps!

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