New Page: Embedding Web 2.0 Tools

I’ve just started a new page with a list of some Web 2.0 tools you could use on student or class blogs.

new page

When I first started blogging with my class, I simply used text and images. As I got the hang of it, I started using different forms of media to make the blog posts more rich and interesting. I think it is best to use a variety of text, video, audio and various Web 2.0 tools if you want to make your blog most appealing to readers.

Leave a comment if you know any other free Web 2.0 tools that are great to use on student or class blogs.

3 Replies to “New Page: Embedding Web 2.0 Tools”

  1. Kathleen, great idea to start this page! I suspect that there are a lot of educators out there who are using blogs and wikis with their students the way that you were, with just photos and text. There is so much more we can do with Web 2.0 tools. Polls, slideshows, video, games, etc. all make the blogging and wiki learning environment richer. Well done!

  2. Brilliant, I love to make my moodle interactive and engaging for the children.

  3. Thanks for sharing this newly created page. I can’t wait to share this with teachers and use the tools listed there myself! 🙂

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