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Note – I updated this post with a more comprehensive guide to using an iPod Touch in the classroom in August, 2011. Click here to find it.

For the past twelve months I’ve been using an iPod Touch in my classroom. My students love using this form of technology and I am finding it is a great tool to enhance their learning.

An headphone splitter purchased for under $20, has allowed the iPod to be used by a group of five students at one time.

As well as accessing the wireless internet on the iPod, we have used many other great features of the iPod. Here are some examples of how it has been used by my Grade Two students.

  • Students have listened to various stories and completed comprehension activities or drawn their interpretation of the story to practise the visualising technique. There are many free story podcasts availble from the iTunes store.
  • How-to videos from the howcast site have been stored on the iPod and students have followed the instructions to complete a task (eg. making an origami swan).
  • Many applications have been added to the iPod to practise spelling, language, maths and logic skills etc. Many of these are free from the iTunes store.
  • Students have listened to songs and sequenced cards containing the lyrics to the song.
  • Students listen to a recording of instructions which they must comprehend to draw something or complete a simple task. The recording can by made by a student to practise oral language skills or a teacher.
  • Students have watched short videos (downloaded off YouTube or TeacherTube) and completed various response and comprehension activities.
  • Student created videos and podcasts have been added to the iPod as a way of sharing student work with the rest of the class.

The iPod allows students to learn at their own pace as stories and videos can be paused and replayed many times. It is a great way to reinforce concepts and encourage independent as well as co-operative group learning. The students are also very engaged when working with the iPod!

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  2. Mrs. Mcgeady
    I have just received a classroom set of IPod touches for my classroom, I would love to hear more about how you use them in your classroom.

    Jerry Brown

  3. Hi Jerry,
    Thanks for the comment.
    You are lucky to get a class set of iPod Touches as I’d love to have more in my classroom!
    Where are you based and what grade do you teach?
    I’d love to do another post about uses for the iPod Touch soon!

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