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  • Evolving Parent Communcation

    When I began teaching in 2004, my main forms of parent communication were: the occasional class (paper) newsletter chatting to parents at the classroom door signs on the classroom window with reminders reports and parent teacher interviews communication books for some students phone calls or notes home if issues arose While some things have stayed […]

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  • Family Blogging Afternoon

    One of the many benefits of having a class blog is the strengthening of home-school relationships. After having a class blog for a number of years, I have come to realise that you can’t leave parent participation to chance. Parents needs to be educated and regularly encouraged and invited to be part of your class […]

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  • Emailing Parents

    For the last three years, my class blog has been a great way to communicate with parents. The blog acts as a window into our class and the parents can stay up to date with our activities and achievements. This year, I’ve introduced a parent email newsletter which has been well received. At the start […]