RSCON3 – Free PD in your PJs!

Want the chance to be inspired by education professionals from around the world while relaxing in your PJs?

RSCON3 is the third Reform Symposium e-conference for educators.

It is 100% free and is scheduled to be held on July 30th – August 1st, 2011.

RSCON3 will focus on interactive presentations that help teachers create engaging and motivating lessons, build relationships with students, engage parents, integrate technology effectively and much more.

This event is suitable for anyone with an interest in education.


My presentation – Connecting with Global Blogging Buddies

Time – 10:30am Saturday 30th July (GMT+10 time). Click here to find out what time this is for you.

Summary – One of the most exciting aspects of educational blogging is making global connections. In this presentation I will discuss how my grade two class came to have many blogging buddies around the world who we collaborate with regularly.

Five things you can do:

  • Visit the Reform Symposium website to register, check out the schedule, presenters and more.
  • Write the time for my presentation in your calender. Click here to find out what time this is for you.
  • Tweet about the conference using the #RSCON3 hashtag. Click here to follow #RSCON3
  • Get a badge for your blog, Facebook, Twitter profile or website to say you are attending RSCON3.
  • Let the staff at your school know about RSCON3. You could email them the link to this post or print off/email this flyer.

What are you looking forward to at RSCON3?

8 Replies to “RSCON3 – Free PD in your PJs!”

  1. I will definitely pass this on to my colleagues and teacher trainees. Looks great. Ellen

    1. Mrs Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      Great! Thanks so much, Ellen.

  2. […] 2. Professional development in your pajamas, in the comfort of your house, July 29, 30 and 31. This professional development event, The Reform Symposium RSCON3 is free is is being hosted and supported by world-known educators. Check out this site for the poster. For a more personal invitation to the event, look at Kathleen Morris' blog […]

  3. @ Mrs Morris,

    You always get me into blogging!

    It’s great that you teach other teachers around the world about blogging.

    I think that some of the stuedets in 2KM and 2KJ even me have improved our blogging this term.

    See you tomorrow,
    Amelie :mrgeen:

    1. Mrs Kathleen Morris says: Reply

      @ Amelie,

      How nice to see another student on my blog leaving me a quality comment.

      I agree with you – everyone in 2KM and 2KJ have really improved at blogging. That means their reading, writing and spelling has improved a lot too!

      See you tomorrow,
      Mrs M☀rris

  4. Kathleen, I am excited about this! I finally get to hear one of your PDs – in the past I always had a conflict of some sort. 🙂 I am sharing it through my elementary (that’s our primary) Diigo group.
    Kind regards,

  5. I’m very excited by all of this. Now that I’m (slowly and steadily) building my PLN, I’m finding all of these resources absolutely fascinating. RSCON3 will be my first e-conference, and I’ll definitely be tuning in to your presentation. Thanks for all the information you’ve posted. I’m hoping to recruit some of my colleagues to join in, too!
    Regards, Stef

  6. Mrs Kathleen Morris says: Reply

    @ Tracy and Stef,

    I’m excited to hear you’ll be coming to the session! Thanks so much for your support and for spreading the word!

    Kathleen 😆

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