After Effects of the Ugandan Global Project

As I have previously blogged about, the Ugandan Global Project involved six grade two and three classes working together to raise money for a Ugandan School.

We raised $20,000 and all students students involved in the project developed enormously both on an academic and personal level.

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The project is now finished but the effects continue to spread.

Last week, the founder of the Ugandan School, Renee Waun, emailed me with great excitement. A Californian lady had been in touch with her a while back about volunteering at the Ugandan school in January. They had been making plans for the trip and, when our Ugandan Global Project was launched, Renee shared the link to our blog with the lady.

From Renee…

She looked at everything and decided to forward the links to several of her friends.  The result is that so many people in her circle of friends were inspired by the energy and activity of the teachers and children participating your project and the African school, that her friends started asking if they could go along.

There are now 22 people going to Africa in January! Among those in the group who are going are teachers, photographers, a dance instructor, and dental hygenist who will bring dental supplies and treat teeth, etc.

Even more unbelievably, there were even MORE people than that who wanted to go to Uganda but they had to cap the number in the group this time.

Who would have thought that a group of seven to nine year olds and their teachers could have such an enormous impact on others?

This shows the amazing power that collaboration, communication, creativity and effective use of technology can have!

How else can we set up projects with long lasting effects?

4 Replies to “After Effects of the Ugandan Global Project”

  1. Hi Kathleen. What an uplifting and inspiring story – thank you so much for sharing it with us! At this time of the year, when many of us are tired and run down, this story is one that will energise and inspire. it just goes to show that we can all make a difference, and sometimes the difference we make can surpass our expectations. Congratulations to you and all of the students involved.

    1. @ Pam, you’re right – it is good to have some inspiring news at this time of year!

      This project certainly has surpassed our expectations in so many ways! I hope there are many more 🙂

  2. Kathleen, I can’t tell you how inspirational following you all on this journey has been. This is testament to one person starting waves of change. I’m sure you have touched more lives than you can imagine. Congratulations to you and your students.

    1. @ Kelly, thank you so much for your support. The outcomes for everyone have been beyond my wildest dreams! I just LOVE the power of global projects!

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