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  • Global Education Conference Presentation

    This week (Thursday/Friday), Linda Yollis will be presenting about our Ugandan Global Project at the Global Education Conference. This is a free online conference for anyone around the world. The session is held in Elluminate. The goal of the conference is to help everyone make connections with other educators and students in order to increase […]

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  • Ugandan Global Project: Part Two

    Last week, I blogged about the Ugandan Global Project which we launched today. Read the Part One post here. Mrs Yollis and her students made this fantastic video to launch the project. Mission To raise the social conscience and global awareness of our students through fundraising for The ABC Divine Foundation Primary School in Mutundwe, […]

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  • Ugandan Global Project: Part One

    The school holidays are almost over here in Victoria and on Monday I’m launching an exciting new global project. As I have previously blogged about, I have found global projects to be one of the richest ways to use technology in the classroom. My class has collaborated globally with others both informally and in a […]