New Page: Educational Blogging

I am often asked for information about blogging with my class so I have decided to compile the posts I have written on educational blogging on a new page.

Here you will find information about setting up your class blog, establishing rules and guidelines, educating parents about blogging,  teaching commenting skills and more.

educational blogging page

What sort of advice would you like about educational blogging?

Do you have any advice about blogging with students?

2 Replies to “New Page: Educational Blogging”

  1. Excellent resource, thank you so much for dedicating a page to that. I know many are taking their first steps into educational blogging with students for the first time this year. Your guide will be so helpful! I can get to the page using your link but the tab in your menu bar seems to be missing.

  2. @ Kelly, thanks for your comment. That’s strange you can’t see the tab as I can. Maybe it’s because I have a widescreen. Thanks for alerting me to this – I will try to fix it up today!

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