New Blog: Teaching Literacy in the Early Years

This year I have been team teaching with Kelly Jordan. Combining our two grade two classes has so many benefits and we are finding we are really meeting the needs of our students this year.

Our open plan classroom is a fantastic place to teach and learn!


Kelly has recently started a blog called Teaching Literacy in the Early Years. If you or someone you know teaches in the junior primary area you should definitely check this blog out.

Kelly posts about Literacy sites, ideas, thoughts, resources and strategies with others.

Teaching lit in early years

Drop by “Teaching Literacy in the Early Years” and leave Kelly a comment!

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  1. Your classroom looks like a fun place to learn. Heading over to Kelly’s blog now.

  2. I’m trying to encourage our junior primary teachers to read more blogs and/or start a class blog. I will definitely point them in Kelly’s direction. Thanks.

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