Put a poll on your blog

Polls are great way to make your blog or website interactive and more interesting. A poll could be part of a post or as a sidebar widget.

Poll Daddy and Vorbeo are two very easy to use applications that allow you to create a poll to embed on your blog or website. After you click through the options on the site to choose how you want your poll to appear you’re given a html code which you simple paste into the html version of your blog post or into a text box widget on your sidebar.

Poll Daddy allows you to create a poll or survey with more design choices and options. You need to register for a free account to use Poll Daddy. You don’t need to register to use Vorbeo however the design choices and other options are more simple.

Another difference is that when you vote on a Vorbeo poll it takes you to the Vorbeo website to display results. Poll Daddy displays the results in the poll on the blog.

Try out these polls I made on Vorbeo and Poll Daddy!

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