Ugandan Global Project Update

As I have previously blogged about here and here, my grade two class has been working with five other classes around the world on a Ugandan Global Project.

We worked on a blog together to learn about Uganda and the nationalities involved, and completed a run/walk fundraiser to raise money for the ABC Divine Foundation School in Uganda.

Our goal was to raise enough money to purchase some land adjacent to the school for a play area.

We exceeded this goal enormously. Team Toa in China got their whole school involved and raised a massive $15,000! This brought the total for all the classes to about $20,000. Obviously, this amount of money will make a huge difference to the lives of the Ugandan students and we are currently working with the foundation to plan how the money can best be spent.

Our students got so much out of being involved in this project. The learning that went on through the blog posts and comments was fantastic.

I have used the text tool on this website to highlight just some of the learning that has taken place.

In my opinion, blogging and global projects are all encompassing ways to authentically improve student outcomes academically, socially and as digital citizens. I look forward to being involved in many more with my students in the future!

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  1. Kathleen, This is a fantastic example of the difference that technology can make in a classroom when you use it to transform a project like you did here. It is also the quintessence of how global education can lead to such positive learning experiences for everyone involved. I have added this project to the global education wiki’s teacher resource page as a success story. If you would like to see it, here is the address:

    1. @ Debra, thanks for your support. I appreciate you adding the project to the wiki. There are lots of links on there I’ll be keen to check out! Well done!

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