Spelling Sites!

Here are three good sites that students can use to practise their spelling on the IWB, classroom computers or at home.

Spelling City – type in your spelling words (or use their lists) and practise the words with fun games like hangman, unscramble, wordfinds, crosswords etc.


Ozspeller – Australian online spelling tutor and game with voiced words and typing tutors. There are multiple lists for each grade level. Aesthetically it’s not the best site but the content is great.


Sight Words with Samson – This is a great website to learn high frequency sight words. There is both audio and text and a lot of fun exercises.


2 Replies to “Spelling Sites!”

  1. Try playing a board game called Er-u-di-tion that incorporates both sight words and phonics.

    This award winning game helps children learn to read, spell and understand the most common words in the English language while playing an entertaining board game.

    Cards are categorized so children of all reading levels can play together!

    1. Thanks Denise! That game sounds great! Will have to have a look for it.

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