Teaching Digital Citizenship: 10 Internet Safety Tips For Students (With Posters)

Teaching Digital Citizenship: 10 Internet Safety Tips For Students (With Posters) Kathleen Morris

Digital citizenship education is increasingly important. We want to empower students of all ages to use technology safely, enjoyably, ethically, and purposefully. This post outlines a 4 step approach to covering digital citizenship education, whatever your level of experience. There’s also a set of 11 posters for your classroom.

Internet Safety Posters for Teachers, Students, Schools, and Parents

Last updated July, 2018. Scroll down to find free internet safety posters.  Back in the days when technology lived in a computer lab, students were often advised on the narrow topics of cyber safety/internet safety as well as cyberbullying. While still vital concepts, changes in technology use have given rise to a broader range of […]

10 Internet Safety Tips for Parents

I recently published posts with 10 Internet Safety Tips for Students and 10 Internet Safety Tips for Teachers. If parents, teachers and children can all work together to build a culture of safe and positive internet use, problems can be minimised. Internet safety is a topic that should be regularly and authentically discussed in classrooms, staffrooms […]

10 Internet Safety Tips for Students

Last night I attended a presentation by former police officer and cyber safety expert, Susan McLean. She addressed many issues around internet safety, cyber bullying, sexting, problematic internet behaviour and digital reputation. Internet safety is something I try to address frequently and authentically with my students. I have found education around this issue to be […]

Kids and Online Tools: The Legal Side

There are so many free online tools out there that are fabulous to use in the classroom. These tools can potentially allow your students to create, collaborate, communicate and express themselves in a multitude of ways. To find recommendations of tried and tested online tools to use in the classroom with step-by-step instructions, visit my […]