Missing my IWB!

Two weeks ago the projector for my Interactive Whiteboard stopped working and I am missing it! It’s been over 12mths since I got my Promethean IWB and I have gradually integrated it into my teaching to the point of using it for most lessons with my Grade Two students. Without the IWB, the atmosphere in my classroom has seemed to change and teaching and learning has suddenly become less engaging and debatably, less effective at meeting my students’ needs.

I use my IWB for almost all lesson introductions whether it be a video, story, brainstorm, research, interactive game, quiz or activity. The IWB has also become a key feature of my small group work for reading, writing and maths. Working with a small group on the IWB really allows the chance for interactivity and delving deep into concepts.

I have found the biggest benefits of using an IWB to be

  • student engagement and the ability for the subject to “come alive”
  • the ability to cater for different learning styles and create a personalised learning environment
  • lessons become more memorable and relevant
  • the chance to “bring the world into the classroom” through the Internet
  • higher order thinking can be encouraged through multi sensory graphic organisation tools
  • the opportunity to encourage co-operative learning
  • enhanced modelling and practice of concepts.

Hopefully my IWB will be back in action soon but until then my class and I will continue to reaquaint with the traditional books, posters and activities we were using not so long ago!

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  1. What a great teacher Blog!!! I have been reading your posts and learnt lots of cool things. I like the way you keep it simple and have shared lots of interesting sites to use in the classroom.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Thanks Mr Baker! I’m so glad you have found my blog useful 🙂 I’m off to check out your class blog….

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