Finding videos to use in your classroom

There are a number of sites on the net where you can find streaming educational videos to show your students

YOU TUBE: While it was only launched relatively recently in 2005, most people have probably heard of YouTube. It is the most well known site for watching and sharing videos. Unfortunately, while there are thousands of videos which are probably great to show your students, YouTube is also overflowing with material that is innapropriate for children. There are a few safer sites with great content that you can use instead….

TOTLOL: Totlol is a video website designed specifically for children from 6 months to primary school age. It is community moderated by parents and members. Totlol is constantly growing and is powered by YouTube.

TEACHER TUBE: This site launched in 2007 with a goal of becoming a space to share and watch instructional videos. TeacherTube is free for everyone and teachers can also post videos for their students or the general public.

HOW STUFF WORKS: The video channel of this site has some great videos to explain how all sorts of things work. While the video aren’t aimed specifically at children, many of them use simple English and are a great resource for the classroom.

GRASPR: A collection of instructional videos in 19 categories. The videos are made by people all around the world who upload them onto the site. There is an education category with some appropriate content for school students. 

EDUBLOGS.TV: This site is similiar to Teacher Tube; it is a site to watch and share educational videos. is supposed to be easier than You Tube or Teacher Tube to embed videos from onto your blog. 

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