Bubbleshare Alternatives

Thanks to Angela Hall who recently alerted me to the fact that Bubbleshare will no longer be available from November 15th. This is disappointing as many teachers use this site to put slideshows of photos on their blog.

I recently wrote a post on how to embed a Bubbleshare slideshow on your blog in a post or sidebar. Here are a few other alternatives for creating a photo slideshow… let me know if you know any more!

FlickrSlide: Upload your photos onto Flickr then use this tool to easily create a slideshow on your website or blog.  Just enter the address of your Flickr photos and then you will get the HTML embed code to paste into your blog.

Flickr Slideshow

Photobucket: This is a photo storage site similar to Flickr or Bubbleshare. Upload your photos and then click on slideshow to create a self running slideshow with many style options. Here is one I made in just a few minutes.


Slide: Upload photos or chose them from your online albums (Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook etc). It is then very simple to create a slideshow with lots of different choices for themes and designs. Here is a slideshow I created in less than five minutes.

These are some options for embedding a basic slideshow on your blog. If you want to embed a video style photo slideshow with words and music check out my earlier post on Photo Story Alternatives.

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