Adding a Bubbleshare Slideshow to your Blog

There are a number of sites where you can embed a slideshow of photos into your blog. One of them is Bubbleshare.

bubbleshare 1

I have used a Bubbleshare slideshow on my sidebar of my class blog to display  pictures of my classroom.

2KM blog bubbleshare

I have also embedded slideshows into posts on my blog about excursions, student work etc.

To add a bubbleshare slideshow to your blog, follow these instructions…

  • go to
  • click on sign up now to create an account
  • when you are logged in, click on create new album
  • choose an album name, upload photos from your computer, choose your privacy settings (public or private) and choose an album theme (if you want a thematic border). Click next.
  • Edit your album by sequencing photos, adding clip art or speech bubbles etc. You can also add an album description if you want people to look at your album on the Bubbleshare site.
  • When you are done, click blog album on the left hand side.
  • Here you can select what type of slideshow you would like (note, some turn out better than others on blogs). Copy the code for the slideshow you want to embed on your blog (on PCs – highlight and Control V or right click copy).
  • To add the slideshow to your side panel on your blog, go to your dashboard then appearance, widgets, and add a text box widget into your sidebar. Paste the Bubbleshare code that you copied in here.
  • To add the slideshow to a post, click on html where you are writing your post and simply paste the code in there.

Good luck!

3 Replies to “Adding a Bubbleshare Slideshow to your Blog”

  1. Thanks for putting up the Bubbleshare steps, I have one on my kids’ blog now, woohoo!

  2. I am loving this blog – I’m in the process of setting one up and this is a wonderful source of help! At the moment I’m focussing on Bubbleshare and I’ve followed the steps (Thank you!) but my slideshow just does not show up for some reason – help!

    1. Hi Ange, thanks for the comment! I’m glad you’re finding the blog useful! I’ll send you an email and perhaps we can work out why your Bubbleshare isn’t working…

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