Downloading YouTube Clips

Thanks to Aaron Petersen  I found an easy way to download YouTube clips that I want to use on my IWB, class iPod or classroom computers.

I had previously downloaded “YouTube Downloader” software to download the file I wanted until I discovered YouTubeSnips.

You don’t need software and it’s easy to use.

There are three ways to download a clip.

  1. DIRECT: Go to and paste the URL into the “GET DL LINK” bar. You can save the file in in mobile 3GP format, MP4 format, and FLV format.
  2. URL: Find the clip you like on You Tube and then type “snips” after “youtube” in the URL (so becomes 
  3. BOOKMARK: Go to and add a link to your links toolbar and click it while you are at the YouTube video page.

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