Skwirk – a great resource!

I came across this great site this week and instantly found so many things that I would love to use immediately with my Grade Two class.

Skwirk (an abbreviation of School Work) is an “online education portal” designed for use by teachers and students in both primary and secondary schools. Skwirk covers all core subjects studied in all states and territories including Maths, Science, Technology, English, History, Geography and more.

Skwirk contains curriculum-based content, images, animations and videos, quizzes, podcasts and more. It would be fantastic to use in class on an IWB or projector. 

There are reports that track student progress and Skwirk can be used as a homework resource. For older students, study guides and the highlighting system help students revise and prepare for exams.

You can enter the site as a guest and there are free trials available for schools. Individuals can sign up to Skwirk for $99/year. School registration is from $7 per student a year. Skwirk is currently offering free access to all year 9 students until 2 October 2009.

It would be great to see businesses/government funding schools to use Skwirk in they same way that funding is being provided for Victorian users of SuperClubsPlus so more schools can take advantage of this great resource!

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  1. Hi Kathleen, we are the team that looks after Skwirk and are really happy to see you champion and value the resource as a tool for teaching and learning. We would like to take the opportunity to touch base with you. Can you contact us at: [email protected]

    Look forward to speaking!

  2. Dear, skwirk what’s the point of having a learning site if you don’t have anything on History of 1788-1900 “contact and colonistation”

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