Behind the News

Behind the News  (BTN) is a fantastic Australian site by the ABC that helps students learn about current issues and events around the world. Each week a new episode of BTN is released comprising of about 5 different stories each under 5 minutes long. The stories can be watched individually on their website or on ABC television.

The website contains an archive of all episodes so you can browse for a topic that you are currently working on with your students. The website also contains activities, links, quizzes, comment boards, polls etc for follow up work.

While BTN is promoted for students in upper primary and high school, I have had great success using it with my Grade Two and Three students. There are always a range of stories, many of which are less complex and can be understood by younger students. Our class has had many rich discussions and experiences based on BTN stories and it is a fantastic way for them to learn about the world in which they live!

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