Word Magnets

Word magnets is a fantastic website for the Interactive Whiteboard or classroom computers that I read about Nik’s Learning Technology Blog.

Word magnets is a tool that allows you to paste in some text and then change the text into word tiles like fridge magnets that you can drag and rearrange. Word magnets would be great for younger students who could put a sentence back together or point out errors in sentences.

¬†There are background proformas you can use to arrange the magnets, like Venn diagrams, tables, A-Z, numeric lists etc. They would be great for all sorts of categorising and thinking skills activities. Here is an activity my Grade Two students did today where they brainstormed uses for the sea and then sorted these ideas into “fun” and “work”.

sea word magnets

This site is very easy to use and it is much easier to use this tool than make your own activity for the Interactive Whiteboard. If you have any ideas about using Word Magnets, leave a comment!

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  1. […] I found out about many of these from Kelly Tenkely’s great blog iLearn. I have blogged about Word Magnets in the past. Here are some other great tools that you can find in their library. SIMPLE COUNTDOWN […]

  2. Melinda Kienzle says: Reply

    I’ve used word magnets in functional grammar transitivity exercises with my old Yr 2 class. We used the colour function to highlight the processes green throughout a piece of text. Would also be great for teaching pronoun referencing.

    1. Great ideas Melinda! Thanks for leaving a comment.

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