Join a Global Project

This year I became involved in a global project with my Grade Two class called the Teddy Bear Exchange Project. We exchanged our teddy, Matilda, with Theodore, the teddy of a school in Canada (see pictures below). One of our weekly writing tasks is now sending an email to the Canadian class from the point of view of Theodore.

The Teddy Exchange Project is just one of the global projects set up by iEARN who match up classes across the world for collaborative projects. The global project is helping my students learn about other countries and cultures while improving their writing in an authentic environment!

There are a plethora of global projects available that you can join through various organisations. There is usually a small fee to join the organisation. Check out these sites for other global projects…

  • Oz Projects
  • ePals
  • iEarn
  • Global SchoolNet
  • Global Gateway

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