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  • Follow Up: Overcoming Obstacles

    In my last post, I wrote about some common obstacles that teachers put forward as to why they don’t blog or use technologies in their classrooms. I discussed lack of time, lack of equipment, lack of keyboarding skills and internet safety along with possible solutions to these issues. The comments on this post were very […]

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  • Ed Tech Crew Podcast

    Ed Tech Crew is one of my favourite podcasts. Every week or two Darrel Branson (The ICT Guy) and Tony Richards from itmadesimple.com discuss all things to do with technology in education. I am often blown anyway by the amount I can learn by listening to an episode of the Ed Tech crew so I […]

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  • Tech Tools for Teachers

    Since the beginning of 2010, I have been  collaborating with a fellow teacher, Simon Collier on a free weekly e-mail for teachers. With our 20th newsletter milestone approaching, this post is a reminder if you or someone you know has not yet signed up for the newsletters. Each week our email newsletter features a useful […]

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Social Media Monitoring

    Last week I posted about Denis Masseni’s report “Why Schools are Spooked by Social Media.” An interesting component of this report was on social media monitoring. That is, monitoring the internet for mentions of a particular keyword (such as your school). This is a good way to take defensive action if negative mentions occur and […]

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  • Sites for Integration Aides

    Monday 9th August is a statewide curriculum day for Ultranet implementation in Victoria. For readers who are outside of Victoria, Australia, the Ultranet is a  $60.5 million online portal for teachers, students and parents in Victorian government schools. Read my post on my initial thoughts on the Ultranet here. I am a Lead User at […]

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  • The Reform Symposium

    Kelly Tenkely, who writes one of my favourite blogs, iLearn Technology, has been busy working with some fellow educators on a free worldwide e-conference. The conference, called the 2010 Reform Symposium is scheduled to be held on July 31st and August 1st. The focus of the 2010 conference is on innovative practices in education and […]

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  • Blogging Rubric

    Thanks to Sue Waters, I recently came across this blogging rubric that was created by Clarence Fisher as a way to assess student blog posts. *click on the image to view a larger version* As the new school term is about to begin and I plan to get more of my Grade Two students creating […]