Origami Craze!

The students in my Grade Two class love origami. We have used videos and applications on our iPod Touch as well as a great website called Origami Club to learn how to make all sorts of origami creations. The Howcast website has some great step-by-step origami videos. Origami iPod applications can be found at the iTunes store.

Origami is a excellent way for students to learn about space, shape and problem solving while learning how to follow instructions. The Internet resources available provide a great opportunity for students to learn this craft independently and at their own pace.

Origami Club   DSC04047

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  1. Hi Kathleen,

    I too love origami and use it in my classroom sometimes. It is a great way to teach geometry. Thanks for the origami club website link. You have inspired me to post an article on my blog about origami.

    Sincere Thanks, Jeff T.

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